Lower thirds: Design should be clean and clear. Names should be set in SVN-Gilroy Bold, titles in SVN-Gilroy Medium and backgrounds set to 80% opacity.

Ending slates: All videos should end with the VNG logo Lock Up 1 or 2, animated or still.

Watermarked logos: Watermarked logo should be placed in the upper right.

Video image must always looks bright, colorful, and fill with positivities, inspiration.


Video: Audio & Sound

Language: Use bilingual language for all corporate videos, including the local language and English. The VNG name must always be read/pronounced in English.

Tone of voice: The tone of the video should be human, warm, aspirational, real and courteous. Please refer to Section 1.3 for more details.

Voice selection: A narrator strengthens the brand. The voice can be male or female with a neutral accent. This voice should be:

  • Polite, positive, confident, honest and approachable for brand communications while remains to be simple, clear and human.
  • Conversational, believable, and relatable for product communications

Music: Music selection should be relevant, uplifting and positive. Music volume must be lower than narrative voice to avoid interfering with narration. The voice should always be clear and audible.

Please contact the CBC team for more information.