Social values

Mar 2011 – Zing application officially present on iTunes.      

Apr 2011 – VNG was the only business honored as “Digital content company that has the most successful Vietnamese-branded products and services”.

Jun 2011 – VNG proudly received four 2011 Sao Khue Awards given by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) for digital content products.

Jul 2011 – CSM professional computer lab management software was officially certified to have achieved national standards.

Aug 2011 – After 2 years launching, Zing Me officially reached the 8-million-user milestone.

Oct 2011 – VNG received the honorable 2011 Top 200 Vietnamese Golden Star Brands Award.

Oct 2011 – VNG co-operated with Google to boost the development of Chrome browser in Vietnam.

Nov 2011 – VNG successfully exported the online game “Oink” to Japanese market.      

Feb 2012 – Zing.vn information gateway was among the top 100 Vietnamese websites with 16 million users .

Mar 2012 – The online game “Garden on the clouds” was awarded “Most innovative foreign game” after 3 months launching in Chinese market.

Mar 2012 – VNG opened the largest headquarters until then, marking a milestone of VNG brand.

Oct 2012 – VNG introduced the B2C
e-commerce website 123.vn.

Mar 2013 – VNG officially exported the game Galaxy Pirates to Japanese market.

Apr 2013 – Zini ran its alpha version.

May 2013 – Zalo reached 2 million users after 5 months launching.

Jul 2013 – VNG introduced Vietinbank-VNG co-brand card.      

Oct 2013 – VNG became exclusive partner of InMobi in Vietnam.

Feb 2014 – VNG was voted the best place to work in the Internet and e-commerce industry in the “Best 100 companies to work for in Vietnam” survey conducted by Anphabe and Nielsen.

Mar 2014 – Zalo reached the 10-million-user milestone.

2009 - 2010

Apr 2009 – Zing.vn and CSM won the Sao Khue Award given by VINASA.         

Jun 2009 – VNG deployed the company-wide competence assessment system, which served as a foundation for long-term human resource development strategy. VNG people also know what it is like to be “real owners” when the company announced its Employee stock purchase program.

Aug 2009 – Zing Me, a project that was completed in a record 6-months’ time, was introduced to the Internet community. By the end of 2009, Zing Me had had over 4 million active monthly members.         

Jan 2010 – After 4 year launching, the CSM software of VNG was used widely at over 95% computer labs in the country.

Mar 2010 – VNG’s “Thuan Thien Kiem” caught the attention of the industry players with the title “First MMO game to have been produced in South East Asia”.         
Apr 2010 – Google AdPlanner announced that Zing.vn had reached over 1 billion monthly visits, a new record for the most-visited website in Vietnam.         

May 2010 – VNG extended Zing Pay payment tool to online business services other than that of VNG.

May 2010 – VNG introduced its new, younger, more dynamic corporate identity.

2006 - 2008

Jun 2006 – Internet coffee shops enthusiastically welcomed Cyber Station Manager (CSM) which was freely installed by VNG in order to help them effectively manage business activities. This was also the time VNG expanded into the e-commerce field when introducing 123mua.vn.           

Dec 2006 – Five hundred VNG members “went wild” when the end-of-year report revealed the “magical” number: USD 17 million revenue, 6 times as high as that in 2005.

Mar 2007 – VNG was selected into the top 50 companies with the best work environment in Vietnam in a vote conducted by Navigos – AC Nielson.

Apr 2007 – VNG opened the most modern data center in Vietnam, officially in charge of recording information of all of its products.

Apr 2007 – At the same time, the demo version of VNG’s Boom Online was well-received by the casual game market and was given positive feedbacks with over 60,000 CCU.

Aug 2007 – VNG entered the web business with the introduction of Zing Mp3 and Zing Chat, unaware that challenges and obstacles were waiting ahead.

Jan 2008 – The young had one more interesting playground when Zing News was introduced, covering all entertainment information and activities for teenagers.

Aug 2008 – Zing.vn became the most visited website in Vietnam according to Alexa’s ranking.

Sep 2008 – After 4 years struggling, VNG consolidated its mission, vision and 6 core values, considering those the lodestar for VNG’s course into 2014.           

Dec 2008 – Zing Play, an extremely fascinating mini games collection, continued to win the hearts of Zing’s fan.

End of 2008 – VNG had expanded its human resource to 1000 people to satisfy the operating needs in this exploding age.

After a time of scattered research and development, VNG had drawn many critical lessons. The company brought forward a new business guideline: “Only focus on core products”.

2004 - 2005

Sep 2004 – 5 game addicts, with little money and experience to start with, tried to find their way into the market with the ambition to start a pioneer company in the field of online game, which was still at its primary stage in Vietnam.              

Jun 2005 – 6 months after being founded, VNG produced a stir when signing its first contract with the giant Kingsoft to bring “Vo Lam Truyen Ky” to the homeland, opening an era of online RPG in Vietnam. In just one month, VLTK had created an unprecedented fever in Vietnam with an impressive number of 20,000 PCU (the number of players accessing at the same time).