Listening to and providing customers with the best technology products and services have become the no.1 objective of VNG.


Only those who dare to challenge all limits can find new ones and break them. Not accepting habitual thinking, daring to dream and discover are the thoughts that have brought VNG from only 5 members to one of the biggest technology corporations in Vietnam.


Spirits of learning – always welcome obstacles and challenges. That is the source of motivation and endless inspiration for VNG people. Mature and grow stronger after each failure: that is the reason why VNG has achieved many successes in the field of digital technology.


In just 6 months, VNG has established the biggest social network in Vietnam, but it was not a one-man’s triumph. At VNG, team members work, play, learn and listen together. That is the foundation for every success of VNG.


Although the social networks and e-commerce fields are relatively new in Vietnam, VNG is determined to pursuit and develop them. It is the dynamic, continuous change and the acceptance of challenges that have helped VNG succeed in developing trendy and audacious products.


At VNG passion alone is not enough, but it’s the sense of integrity that always comes first. Passion and integrity have helped VNG overcome difficulties and obstables during its development journey. With each commitment, VNG would deliver results with all its passion and the highest sense of integrity.

Make the Internet
change Vietnamese lives
  • Passion
  • Learning
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Dynamic
  • Customer

VNG believes in the power of the Internet and sees it as its mission to bring Internet users meaningful experiences. Each day, millions of young Vietnamese entertain,  network and make friends, shop online or engage in social activities through VNG products, which are the ways VNG creates value for the society.

VNG is also aware that the potential of the Internet remains huge and never stops looking for new ways to make the Internet closer to life and provide more valuable changes to Vietnamese people. Always pay attention to investing in Research and Development, continuously improve technology, and at the same time maintain effective operation of the organisation, that is what VNG is doing to pursuit its mission “Make the Internet change Vietnamese lives”.